SALKATECH Installation and Commissioning services address project specific requirements and include the configuration, installation and verification of installed systems as part of the overall, existing ICT network and infrastructure. Supported by extensive experience acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects across India, SALKATECH has developed significant competencies in the installation and commissioning of Television Setup, Headend Setup, RF subsystem and Uplink Antenna.

The Company’s installation and commissioning team works closely with manufacturing and integration partners as well as large end users of suppliers, to prioritize plan and execute the deployment of hardware and application components either within an existing system or as a new proposed system, ensuring that the intended results are achieved at minimal cost and in the shortest time possible.

Post the installation process, the team conducts comprehensive commissioning exercises including various technical and diagnostic tests to verify response times, performance parameters and other output considerations and to confirm that all protocols are loaded and functioning appropriately. Such as projects reports, broadcast quality, network acceptance, NOCC test, Gain Test, Beam width test and G/T Test, Pattern analyzer and commissioning and handover report.

Success story of projects:
  • IT&C of ASC Signal 9.4 Meter Ku-Band Four Port Earth Station antenna project
  • IT&C Viasat 9.1 Meter Ku-Band Four port Earth Station with turnkey solution
  • IT&C ASC Signal 9.4 Meter Ku-Band Fout Port ESA Antenna Project
  • IT&C ASC Signal/CPI 7.6 Meter Insat C-Band ESA antenna Project
  • IT&C GD Satcom 9.0M, 7.3M, 4.5M and 3.8M C & Ku-Band projects delivered successfully
  • Comsat 7.3M & 4.5M Earth station antenna Maintenance, installation and commissioning
  • Civil Foundation for 9.0m, 7.5m ,4.5m and 3.8 Meter earth station Antenna
  • Digital TV Headend delivered successfully with turnkey
  • Triple play over FTTH network project delivered successfully
  • TV Broadcast production delivered successfully
  • TVRO form project delivered successfully
  • VSAT network terminal projects delivered