OEM Authorised Service Center

We are proud to be the Comtech-Xicom Certified Pan-India Service Center. When you purchase a Comtech Xicom product, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your product is covered by OEM standard manufacturer warranty. As an exclusive service partner and to extend our clients a world class service, we leave no stone unturned in deploying the industry-best, fully qualified expert engineering team, who work with genuine OEM parts. We ensure immediate support throughout the country with customer specific turn-around time. Extended support option is also offered.

Testing of Conditional Access System (CAS) and Subscribe Management System (SMS)

Testing procedures for CAS and SMS based on the mandatory and desirable requirement notified by TRAI and TEC in the form of Schedule-IX vide the third Amendment of Telecommunication (Broadcasting and Cable) service interconnection (Addressable System) Regulations 2017 for DTH and MSO operators.

Services & Solutions

We provide a variety of telecommunication based services. Customers get bespoke solutions based on extensive context-relevent R&D and post-completion support. Listed below are some of the ways we can help you bring your visoned communications infrastructure to life. Click on the links below to know more.

Turnkey Solutions

SALKATECH provides you with bespoke turnkey based solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

Broadcast Solutions

We are well versed in the world of broadcast engineering and have developed a range of professional services to suit your needs.

Maintenance Contracts

After our initial integration we also provide customers with annual equipment and technical maintenance.


We allocate a on-call team for all our customers to consult to in case of any mission-critical emergencies.

Project Integration

We help your business set up an infrastructure to access satellites through land based antenna installations.

Infrastructure Setup

SALKATECH will set up all the communication systems required by your business and ensure a reliable and robust solution.



VSAT Prodelin Offset Antenna in C-Band Ku-Band

VSAT Prodelin Offsat Antenna in C-Band Ku-Band for Uplink and Downlink purposes. Available in (1.2M/1.8M/2.4M/3.8M) C/Ku Band.


Touchscreen TWTAs HPA Redundant System

Comtech Xicom an easy-to-use interface for monitoring and controlling the amplifier. The touch screen front panel displays the HPA’s operational status, including power output and temperature, graphical displays of parameter trend analysis, and event logs.


Digital Head-End Equipment

SALKA Offers full range of cable and wireless digital TV Head-End Equipment including IRDs. Encoders, Multiplexers, Scramblers, Modulators, Decoders, All-in-One devices, node and Transmitters.

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Before starting a project we conduct extensive research concerning integration methods and equipment requirements. This step allows us to carry out the project in a streamlined fashion, eliminating any significant scope of error during our development and design process.

  Designing & Mapping

After researching, we start to think about the intricacies of the solution we want to build. No matter how we approach this phase, we always ensure that we consider state of the art hardware and design principals which ensure minimum redundancy and ease of maintenance.


Procurement largely consists of arranging the required hardware and resources to actually build the product. We are very serious about how we gather materials and our engineers ensure oversight throughout the whole process from equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

  Testing and Reliability

Maintenance and realiability is one of our primary concerns from the very beginning. Our on-site engineers ensure a rigorous testing process using log monitoring and exhaustive enumerations of all use cases.


Delivery is handeled by a dedicated team to ensure a streamlined process from product completion to integration. Our team has one task: delivering our product in lead time.

  After-sales Support

Our involvement doesn't end after delivery, we have numerous local support centers across India. These centers provide local and quick service in case of any emergency or malfunction. Our on-site engineers would be ready to assist you.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. In addition to delivering solutions, we also want to ensure that you have the best possible experience doing business with us. We ensure this through frequent one-on-one communication and status updates. Furthermore, our pre-sales demos, order processing methods, and tech support make sure that you have the best possible product experience, while saving a lot of time.


SALKATECH offers a wide array of end-to-end unified project services with turnkey based solutions. We cater to manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, integrators and more. We provide services to end-users and consumers looking for telecommunication services and products. SALKATECH is equipped with all the tools and expertise required for telecom based solutions requiring a variety of technological components in a diverse set of environments.

We are backed by a team of experienced engineers and project managers with rich backgrounds in satellite communication and broadcast technology. SALKATECH project services include on-ground deployment operations for satellite and broadcast systems. We provide everything from installation to commissioning to final equipment testing.

To ensure your peace of mind we also consider post acceptance warranty support, this way you can focus on your core business while we take care of all the technical aspects of implementing our telecommunication systems. You may choose to outsource entire projects to us, or we can act as a subcontractor for a service you require. Our system ensures maximum flexibility for you and your company.

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Our Mission

At SALKATECH we aim to provide the highest quality of telecom and broadcast technology based services, providing you with the utmost flexibility and a iron-clad goal oriented approach.

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Our Plan

We have a six pronged approach to any project we undertake. These include R&D and design in the context of the consumers requirements, manufacturing and testing, and delivery and quality checks. Our methods ensure that you recieve the best possible service in this sector

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Our Vision

We aspire to bring uniformity and streamlined methodical approaches to the telecom and broadcasting industry through rigorous turnkey-based development and proprietary solution-focused methods.

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